Sometimes accidents happen and your jewellery get broken. If this happens to you, promptly have your jewelry repaired and fit for wearing once again. We offer not only a wide range of jewellery repair services but also maintenance to ensure that your precious trinkets last a lifetime.

Jewelry Repair Services

  • Ring sizing
  • Retip prongs and rebuild broken prongs
  • Chain repairs
  • New settings for diamonds and gemstones
  • Pearl and Bead stringing
  • Antique jewelry repairs
  • Polishing jewelry and rhodium plating jewelry
  • Bracelet repairs
  • Diamond and gemstone polishing
Jewellery Repair
Frequent Asked Questions

My white gold ring looks yellowish?

White gold items are rhodium plated to make them reflect and shine like chrome.  This plating wears off over time due to the heat needed in sizing or repairs and normal wear.  Occasional rhodium plating is required to return the item back to a white chrome finish. For any more information please contact us at (604) 988-8258 or and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

How often should I have my jewellery checked?

Here at Romance Jewellers we offer complementary professional cleaning and examination on any piece. We recommend that you have your jewellery checked twice a year, so stop in for a coffee and leave with your jewellery sparkling!

Should I wear my gemstone rings every day?

We do not recommend wearing your gemstone jewellery every day. Engagement rings are set with diamonds and usually made in heavier settings. Gemstone jewellery should be for occasional wear. Most gemstones are not as hard as diamonds and therefore can scratch and break easier. So for a lifetime of enjoyment,treat it as it is, fine jewellery.