Here at Romance Jewellers, we take the issue of Conflict Diamonds very seriously. We are a member of the Government of Canada’s ‘Canadian Code of Diamond Conduct’. This means we deal only with suppliers who warrant that the diamonds they provide have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.

All our suppliers guarantee that their diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the providers of these diamonds.

Diamonds are a gift of love. We want them to be worn with confidence and satisfaction. So let our expert’s help you pick out the perfect diamond for any occasion.

Canadian Ice

canadian ice diamond

About Canadian Ice

Canadian diamonds are world renowned for their excellent cut, clarity and colour. These stones are mined by the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation from the Diavik mine in the Northwest Territories. They have brought together the world’s finest diamonds and the world’s best diamond cutters in their state-of-the-art facility in the historic diamond cutting city, Chiang Mai to create the Canadian Ice Diamond Collection.

Every Canadian Ice Diamond is certified and laser engraved with a CID insignia to authenticate its Canadian origin.

The Diavik Mine is located in Canada’s majestic Northwest Territories. Known for its high production value and quality of diamonds, Diavik is world renowned and is considered the most desirable Canadian diamond mine.

Currently all our Canadian Ice rough diamonds are purchased from Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, one of the biggest names in diamonds. Most Canadian diamond brands buy finished product from other site holders, minimizing their control. Canadian Ice Diamonds controls the entire process from rough stones to the jeweller’s showcase, providing our customers with direct pricing and uncompromised styling.
Canadian Ice has set a new benchmark for Canadian diamonds. Our new standards of excellence far exceed that of the current Canadian diamond market. Our knowledge, innovation, styling, and most of all, passion for jewellery turns a Canadian diamond into a handcrafted work of art.


Passionate Heart

passionate heart diamond

About Passionate Heart

It is ready to complete its extraordinary journey which began millions of years ago in Canada’s majestic North. As a rough diamond, it was mined exclusively by the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation from the Diavik mine in the Northwest Territories. Once mined, the world’s best diamond cutters from Israel, Russia and Thailand were commissioned to work their magic to produce one of the world’s finest finished diamonds. These master artisans create Hearts & Arrows caliber diamonds with unmatched brightness, fire and scintillation, bringing to life…

All Signature Series rings are created by their top designer and finished to the highest standards. Signature Series rings are made in 18KT white gold using high grade palladium to produce a “Forever White” finish. All rings are appointed with Passionate Heart Canadian Hearts & Arrows diamond centres, certified by AGI laboratories.


Maple Leaf

maple leaf diamond

About Maple Leaf

It was not long ago that the mention of Canada’s Arctic evoked images of a hushed frozen wasteland, desolated and impenetrable. Now, the Canadian north brings to mind Canadian diamonds, some of the world’s most beautiful and scintillating treasures.

Maple Leaf Diamonds are mined at the Ekati ™ mine, Canadians first diamond mine, located in the breathtaking Northwest Territories. These superb stones are among the highest quality found anywhere in the world and each is laser engraved with a tracking number, the CanadaMark ™ symbol and the Maple Leaf insignia. This allows your diamond to be traced from the mine, through all stages of the refinement process to ensure that the diamond is certified to be of Canadian Origin. Every Maple Lead Diamond ™ also comes with an individual Certificate of Origin bearing its unique tracking number