25 Year Experience
GIA Certified

Located in Lynn Valey Shopping Mall Centre, North Vancouver, Romance Jewellers Inc. has been proudly serving our customers for over 25 years. Our mission is to focus on the quality of our products as well as to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

We strongly believe in the support of our local communities. We thank you for trusting us as your best consultant in goldsmith and jewellery industry. Our achievements are built with your trust and support.

Romance Jewelers has a reputation for our excellent after care service and the on-site facilities allow us to maintain existing pieces, make alterations to new ones and build pieces to suit your personal taste. Where possible we can repair damaged or broken pieces and provide estimates on request. Just like fine fitting clothing, jewelry also needs to be adjusted to get the best fit on you. The best fit ensure that the jewelry sets itself well on you so that it can look its best on you, and also to ensure that it stays on you as it should. Accidents happen as well as general wear and tear, and if that should happen we have experience and expertise on-site to repair jewelry of any age, style and type. We will do everything to fix it.

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